Our Commitments

Rapidez HR Global Services is distinctive, here assignments are performed only by senior-level consultants, working individually and in teams. Our partners and affiliated consultants are highly regarded for their client experience, specialized expertise and their consulting skills. We work collaboratively with clients, both line and human resource executives, in planning and implementing changes in organization and people management. Our interactive approach leverages and strengthens client capabilities and is, therefore, highly cost-effective. As a result, we have developed continuing relationships with many of our clients, not merely one-time assignments.

We firmly believe in delivering value added services to our client organizations by providing competent people matching with their exact requirements. While doing so, we also value and take into account the expectations and aspirations of the prospective candidates. We counsel the candidates on the fit between their competencies and the expectations of the organizations they aspire to join. This commitment of ours is reflected in all our assignments. In order to deliver consistently, we seek and build productive partnerships with other professionals and organizations. Rapidez HR Global Services is a talent rich organization into Consulting Services with an approach as legendry as - “Consulting is a profession, not a Business”. Rapidez HR Global Services client Engagement is by getting the right people involved, not just the easily accessible person for the project. Practice of People, Practice of refined process for greater leverage in the business environment sets the foundation for a successful delivery model to the clients. We are constantly improving and thinking to achieve the next best by treading the best practices.

Our firm Rapidez HR Global Services assists clients in defining and addressing people-related business issues that shape company goals and priorities and enable the effective implementation of business strategies. We help client’s design and implement change initiatives and achieve business objectives by managing people more effectively. Business success increasingly demands recruitment and development of the right talent, high performance, individual and organizational learning, and effective change. In today's rapidly changing environment, companies with superior people and organization have a competitive advantage.

We perform contracting, and Full-Time placement services for our clients. We employ a proven methodology for the selection of talented professionals from the vast pool of resources available in today's competitive labor market. We understand the issues faced by organizations as they move to tackle the challenges of a complex business environment. As technology projects and ongoing support efforts have increasingly become ingrained in the day-to-day operations in companies of all sizes, proper staffing has become critical. We work with our clients to identify their staffing requirements and meet those requirements by providing the most qualified resources. We listen closely to our clients' needs and then deploy our proven candidate selection process to determine the right resource for the job. Rapidez HR Global Services Workforce Attraction offering mixes best-in-class technology and services, enabling the most talented professional recruiters - yours or ours - with the creative inspiration necessary to help you find quality talent.

Our vision :

To be India's Premier HR Company and to acquire, provide and nurture the best of Indian talent and to be active global partners of businesses by providing quality people resources.

Our Mission :

We are a passionate and pioneering people dedicated to provide Services for any HR Challenges of our clients, our customers or our employees.